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All eye tests for professionals

3.1 for Android

Shadi AboelNaga

Mô tả của OptoCharts

Introducing the world first android professional app for all eye tests.

For eye care specialists, convert your smart phone or tablet or a LED screen to a 4,000$ worth visual acuity examination device. Use it in your clinic, home visits or anywhere you like.
Easy to set for screen mirroring on a LED screen or direct installment on your smart TV for bigger view at your clinic.
Use another smart phone as a smart remote controller for the tablet or smart TV you use as a projector.

The chart size is calibrated at any distance or screen size. It's calculated dynamically with the accurate optical equation along with the related medical aspects to introduce to you the most accurate optometry chart on an android device.

Have all these charts in one place:
* Landlot-C chart.
* Landlot-C chart without the oblique (45°) angles.
* Tumbling E chart.
* Alphabetic chart.
* Numbers chart.
* Pediatric chart.
* Illiterate chart.

& Crowding effect/phenomenon applied to any chart.
& Units: Metric (6/6), Feet (20/20), Decimal (1.0) and LogMAR.
& Modes: Complete rows & columns, one row, one column, single sign.

* Duo-chrome test.
* Red/Green filter applied to any chart to make a custom Duochrome test.

* Worth 4 dot test.
* Amsler grid with 4 different color/background combinations.
* Color vision test (Ishihara charts).
* Contrast sensitivity test applied to any chart with the selected visual acuity size. Units: CS log & percentage.
* Optokinetic drum with the ability to change speed or width.
* Astigmatism clock.
* Fixation target.
* Fixation dot.

* Videos gallery & in-app player for playing patient education or children fixation videos.
& In-app images gallery with enhanced image viewer.

The app behavior is fully customizable according to your practice including default chart, default acuity row, default row step (0.1 Decimal or 0.1 LogMar), default signs (optotypes) distribution over the test area, default spacing between the optotypes, etc...

And it won't get better without your feedback. So, you're welcome to send us your feedback, suggestions, bugs reports.

OptoCharts 3.1 Cập nhật

NEW custom alphabet chart
Crowding effect, Amsler grid, Color vision test, Contrast sensitivity test & Optokinetic drum.
Use Touch gestures on smart phones & remote buttons on smart TVs & TV boxes for fast access to different chart options.
Images gallery & In-app video player for playing patient education or children fixation images & videos (from phone storage).
Fully customize screen/optotypes flow, distribution & defaults to suit your needs.
Stable remote connection (WiFi/Bluetooth).

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Phiên bản mới nhất: 3.1Yêu cầu cập nhật OptoCharts

Lấy nó trên: Tải OptoCharts trên Google Play

Yêu cầu: Android 4.4+

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