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OMBE is the best way to improve your surfing from A-Z.

We do surfing differently and together.

Kristian Brodie - A wealth of insanely great knowledge and golden nuggets to help break your surfing plateau. OMBE has instantly improved my surfing and helped me to relax more in the water.

Chris McCabe - Incredible, in depth, and beautifully communicated content and instruction. I feel like part of a new family that is there to support me in my quest, to not only take up surfing, but become a competent surfer whilst turning 50 this year.

Jeff Colvin - One of the key aspects of the program is that there is a lot of land based exercises and skate drills that allow you to develop the proper muscle memory through repetition on land so that you have the proper surf technique when you are in the water. This allows you to have greater focus on the water based drills when you are in the water which helps maximize your progress and fun while surfing.

OMBE is a guiding philosophy, a structured pathway, a proven method and the community for anyone who wants to become a better surfer.

+ The Pathway: OMBE encompasses the essential layers of awareness about the Ocean – the Mind – the Body – the Equipment to feel the freedom of surfing. The OMBE pathway shows you where you are, what you’re feeling and what you need to do to progress.

+ The Method: We coach and train in a proven method with a common language. The approach of the method educate, create awareness, diagnose any surfing kinks and create small changes through proven training techniques that create big wins in your style. The method embeds a self-awareness between your mind and body, which allows you to create time and space to feel the external feedback from the ocean and your equipment.

+ The Community: OMBEians are surfing better together. We are a passionate community committed to experiencing the fun, the freedom and the ups and downs of surfing together.
Members of the OMBE community app are coming together to:

+ Access weekly surfing technique breakdowns on the theory and drills for you to work on your surfing
+ Learn how to understand and improve your surfing and what you are meant to feel in the water.
+ Get exclusive content and conversations
+ Participate in group live coaching sessions and online events
+ Connect with other surfers near you to message and meet up for a surf
+ Discover a variety of different surfing tutorials and training programs
+ Go deeper around the topics and interests that are most important to you
+ Continue the conversation after finishing a structured pathway and learn how to put your new knowledge and skills into action

Join the OMBE Community, meet other surfers, do the programs together, discuss , share and connect with surfers near you.

Matt Barwick - I’ve been surfing for nearly 20 years but this program is transforming my surfing for the better. The program is so well structured with written content and videos that really explain the science and the feeling you’re aiming for with different drills and lessons.

The trigger words are gold and Clay’s different analogies to explain surf concepts are so relatable. I’ve been an avid researcher of surf content for years in books, YouTube and the web but nothing comes close to the OMBE content.

Clay truly is a master surf coach and Ant is the everyday surfer getting better day-by-day, as will anyone who commits to this program. The walk up technique and cardboard surfer content alone is worth the price.

The OMBE insider community is a fantastic resource as well. Like being in an exclusive club of like minded surf heads frothing with positivity and the desire to get better and help each other in the process.

OMBE 7.7.35 Cập nhật

Bug fixes and performance enhancements.

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