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24.16.1 by Nike, Inc.

Feb 28, 2024

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Kick off 2024 with Nike. Shop online for the latest sneaker trends and clothing.

Gear up for the latest trends in sports clothing and accessories with the Nike App. Join and become a Nike Member to unlock a world of exclusive benefits and elevate your online shopping experience. Active clothing, sneaker collections, and more – enjoy Member benefits with the Nike App.

Women’s clothing, men’s sneakers, accessories and more. Gain exclusive app access to the latest shoe releases, sports clothing advice and athletic inspiration on the Nike App. Shop trends and training gear with Expert advice and innovations from Nike athletes, coaches and designers. Sneaker release or the latest in active clothing - never miss a drop with app notifications. The Nike App is more than a shopping app, providing you with everything you need to pursue all of your athletic goals.

Shop men’s apparel, women’s shoes, athletic equipment, and more. Online shopping with the Nike App always brings the best in sports clothing. Shop active clothing for any season, shoes for any sport or training gear for your next workout. Get exclusive first access as a Nike Member to the latest in sneakers and clothes. Shop shoe and sneaker drops, streetwear or accessories and discover your favourite products. Jordan, Air Max, or Air Force 1's – personalise iconic shoes with Nike By You for your own custom fit.

Shopping is better in the Nike App.

Download today to become a Member and gain access to the best of Nike.


Discover apparel and shoes, online shopping collections and Member Rewards – available exclusively for you through the Nike App.

• Shop Member Products – Women’s sneakers & men’s clothing trends - Shop like you would in a Nike Store and get access to online shopper exclusives. Training gear, sports clothing, shoes, accessories and more.

• Member Profile – Easily track your activity, orders and purchase history.

• Men’s & Women’s Shopping – Shop products for everyone: Women’s clothing, men’s shoes, kid’s apparel and more. Build your own sports outfit with the latest trends in gender-neutral active clothing with plus-size ranges.

• Sneaker and Apparel Releases – Jordans, Dunks, and the legendary Air Max. The latest in men’s and women’s sneakers and active clothing can be found here.

• Shopper Offers and Promos – Shop with exclusive birthday offers and promotions from us to celebrate your important moments.

• Nike by You –Women’s shoes, men’s sneakers, and more. Complete your sports outfit with customisable Nike silhouettes of iconic models. Enjoy unique colourways and materials to match your style.


Trends, releases, athletic tips and more. Get the latest in-depth stories, training and style advice delivered daily. Follow your favourite sports, athletes, and teams to get more from your app.

• Stream – Discover a customised feed of content tailored to your interests.

• Sports Clothing & Sneaker Trends – Discover new ways to wear your favourite Nike apparel with the world’s top stylists.

• Online Shopping Collections – Training gear & styles that empower the top Nike athletes. Women’s shopping, men’s clothing and more.

• Shopper Recommendations – Discover new sports apparel and gear daily tailored to your interests – from yoga to running.

• Notifications – Shop the latest releases and discover new stories instantly by turning on push notifications.


Join the Nike community and get inspired with exclusive Nike products, tips and experiences.

• Lifestyle, Training & Coaching – Expert advice delivered by Nike athletes, coaches and personal trainers.

• Athletic Community – Find and join your Nike community wherever you are.

Download the Nike App. Sneaker drops, clothing collections, accessories and more.

The Nike App - Where All Athletes Belong.

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Last updated on Feb 28, 2024

* Addressed various bug and performance issues to improve overall experience.

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