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Mouse Evolution


1.26 for Android

Mô tả của Mouse Evolution

Mix and mice, make them evolve and watch for the appearance of the amazing,
bizarre monsters. Gradually you will be able to capture several planets!
Unbelievable beautiful transformation will occur before your eyes.
Promote and enrich the nature of the Earth, helping the evolution of mice.

It's simple!
* Coins - product mice activity. Coins have every monster!
* Move the mouse to one another, so they published a squeak and evolved into advanced pigs.
* As much as possible, press the rats! This encourages them to do more coins.

* Two beautiful planet - Earth and Mars!
* Four cheerful measurement!
* The story that you create with your own hands
* Four of these deities
* The unexpected combination of something like Alpaca Evolution, 2048, and incremental clickers
* Amazing genetic mutations
* Doodle graphics

Modern Mouse evolved from saber-toothed mice ferocious predators the size of a boar. This saber-toothed mouse is food saber-toothed tigers. They run bad, so from persecution they were able to escape only in narrow clefts, where the Tigers could not squeeze. Survived smaller specimens, and for hundreds of thousands of years of saber-toothed mouse became less on Darwin's theory of evolution. Tigers gradually squeezed into increasingly narrow gaps. After 5 million years of evolution have adopted a modern mouse size and their teeth turned into teeth, they bite everything. Toothed tiger turned into a modern cats.
Another population of mice has found another way to save the tigers. They began to climb on baobab and eucalyptus trees, and when cats are also mastered the art of climbing trees, mice learned to jump from the tops of trees and soar, apart ears. After hovering the mouse jumping any bats.
The mice also become people with thinking.
The image of the mouse in the Russian folk tales carries the echoes of those times when it was possible to meet the living saber-toothed mouse. For example, in the fairy tale about the turnip only with the mouse managed to pull out of the ground a huge root. And in the fairy tale about Chicken Ryaba mouse broken golden egg, which proved beyond any Baba, or even grandfather.
In Roman mythology, the man seemed like a colony of mice. In the Middle Ages, alchemists believed that mice are got from the dirty laundry. Modern science has proved the fallacy of this. The exception is the clockwork mice that infest humans using the key.
It is believed that mice love cheese. Indeed, the mouse can not tolerate cheese. Contained in the cheese fragrance laktoperdin (that it gives the cheese a distinctive flavor) is for mice pheromone (sex attractant). It paralyzes their will, forcing the move in the direction of the source of the smell. That's how modern science explains the legend of the Pied Piper, who was able to lead all the mice out of the city. Fife had been normal, but inside was a piece of Swiss cheese yadrena which smell and attracted rodents.
In place of predation regret it. People began to breed mice, first in the laboratory and then at home, as well as to manufacture prostheses vital organs in mice.
For those who could not take care of the pet, but did not want to keep up with fashion, it was invented artificial mouse.
They are available in different versions (inflatable, plastic, silicone, with fur) with varying degrees of detail. The real boom came when the experts found that regular stroking artificial mouse greatly reduces the level of stress associated with work on the computer.
Green mice have lower power consumption and a beautiful glow in the dark.
Almost every house you can find at least one mechanical mouse. People whose work is associated with increased stress (sysadmins, programmers, office workers), spend 8-12 hours a day, gently stroking his plastic friend. If the system administrator mouse strokes, he has to work all right.

Mouse Evolution 1.26 Cập nhật

bugs fix;
new graphic!
new planet - Mars!

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