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Mommy Saver biểu tượng

Mommy Saver

High Contrast Baby Visual Stimulation

1.6.8 for Android

Purple Leaf Software LLC

Mô tả của Mommy Saver

Calming and joyful sensory experience:
- High contrast images
- Variety of movements and shapes
- Variety of interactions to keep it interesting
- Game changes at just the right speed to engage your baby
- Classical music (can be muted) More music options in the paid version
- NO ADS! MommySaver is ad-free.

Black-and-white baby visual stimulation to calm your baby. In some cases, crying babies are instantly calmed. This (ad-free) app cycles through a variety of these animations ("games") at just the right speed to keep your little one engaged.

Bright colors add highlights. Different touch responses in each game engage more interactive babies and toddlers.

High contrast visual stimulation, especially black and white images, is much easier for infants to process. For them, it is a soothing point of clarity in a confusing new world.

It's a simple app, but it's so effective at calming a fussy baby that users call it the best baby app, or "baby whisperer", or well... read the reviews yourself.

For more features, more music options, more game screens, try the Plus version:

The original Mommy Saver app was made for my son Benny.

My company, Purple Leaf Software, makes a little bit of money on the Plus Version, but the most important goal is to make your baby smile. If you have complaints or suggestions, feel free to email me personally. I respond as fast as I can, usually within minutes.

And look out for new apps from Purple Leaf Software in the coming years.

Mommy Saver 1.6.8 Cập nhật

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Additional Information

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Phiên bản mới nhất: 1.6.8Yêu cầu cập nhật Mommy Saver

Lấy nó trên: Tải Mommy Saver trên Google Play

Yêu cầu: Android 4.0+

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