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Migraine Headache Diary HeadApp

1.13.3.user.lite.release for Android

M3 Technology

Mô tả của Migraine Headache Diary HeadApp

Start recording your headache, *no need to fill in your personal data*.
HeadApp is more than a headache diary. It gives you the chance to live better by letting you fully understand your headache through a guided input of fundamental data that will be processed to return you clear statistics and graphs.
It replaces the paper headache diary that headache doctors suggest patient to fill in order to have a correct diagnosis and appropriated therapy. HeadApp! helps you also to discover your triggers and prevent an attack.
This App has been developed by neurologists and patients suffering by different type of headaches.

-record pain duration
-premonitory symptoms
-hormonal factors
*preventive therapies*

Charts/report everything: simple to read yet built on professional guidelines. Easy to share with your family/friend/care givers and doctor through mail,messaging, and other chats.

- Sleep diary with automatic detection of sleep
- Monthly calendar view with color highlighting of different headaches
*Personal headache profile to assist you in filling your headache records*
- Offline mode (no network required)

This App is not an alternative to proper specialist medical treatment, is not a medical device and you are always invited to consult a physician for any health related issue.

Migraine Headache Diary HeadApp 1.13.3.user.lite.release Cập nhật

- Compare headaches statistics month by month in a single table
- Look at your total meds assumptions and your total meds pills, etc
- Record if your meds are fully helping
- Add your natural remedies effectiveness
- All of the professional features (charts, book, sleep detection) are now available for free!
- Minor bug fixes

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Uploaded by: Anugerah Salsabella

Phiên bản mới nhất: 1.13.3.user.lite.releaseYêu cầu cập nhật Migraine Headache Diary HeadApp

Available on: Tải Migraine Headache Diary HeadApp trên Google Play

Yêu cầu: Android 4.4+

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