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Mandolin Tuner

Free & accurate mandolin tuner

1.5.4 for Android

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Mô tả của Mandolin Tuner

🎵 Precise, responsive and easy to use tuner for mandolin. Fine-tune your mandolin in seconds thanks to your mobile phone. Tuning your mandolin has never been so easy, and it's free!

All you need to do is launch the app, place the microphone from your smartphone near your mandolin, choose a tuning and get in tune!

With this app you'll immediately get access to 8 different tunings for your mandolin, including standard tuning, open G tuning, cross tunings and more.

Full features

✔️ Free and accurate electronic tuner : professional accuracy down to less than 1Hz precision
✔️ Huit different tunings included : Standard, Cajon, GDAD, Cross tuning 1, Cross tuning 2, High bass, Open A, Open G
✔️ Easy to use interface : no complicated menu, just pick up your mandolin and tune it
✔️ Auto detect which string is played : don't click on any button, play any string you want and let the tuner figure it out
✔️ Change the standard pitch reference frequency : default 440hz can be boring some time, change the pitch reference to anything between 420hz and 460hz. So you can turn it into a 432Hz tuner if you want!

If you think some tunings are missing and would like to see them added, feel free to send us an e-mail at and we'll add them.

Please be careful!

If you've never used an electronic tuner before, it's recommended that you watch some tutorials on youtube first (some tutorials will be included in the app in a future release). If used improperly you risk breaking strings on your instrument and that would make us feel bad :(

Mandolin Tuner 1.5.4 Cập nhật

- Added the ability to install on the SD card (experimental)
- Fixed a few minor bugs

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Additional Information

Danh mục: Miễn phí Công cụ ỨNG DỤNG

Ngày phát hành:

Phiên bản mới nhất: 1.5.4Yêu cầu cập nhật Mandolin Tuner

Lấy nó trên: Tải Mandolin Tuner trên Google Play

Yêu cầu: Android 4.1+

Báo cáo: Gắn cờ là không phù hợp

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