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Grainstorm biểu tượng


1.7.1 for Android

The Secret Laboratory

Mô tả của Grainstorm

Use as/for:
• Tool for Sound Design
• Experimental Musical Instrument
• Fun

Key Features:
• Fast and lightweight
• Four tracks
• Stereo Mode
• Loads sound files of up to seven minutes length in any audio format
• Effects like Convolution Reverb, Channel Vocoder, Phase Vocoder

First use instructions:
1. Press POWER. Upper right power button turns on audio engine which is TURNED OFF on startup to save battery.
2. Press EJECT. Load a sound file.
3. Press PLAY.

A manual can be found here:

Recommended device specifications:
• 2GB+ RAM
• Android 10+
It is not recommended for low end devices.

Grainstorm 1.7.1 Cập nhật

• Fixed broken MIDI on certain devices.
• Incoming MIDI Note On messages are routed to PITCH by default now.
• Changed grain triggering. DEVIATION replaces RNDWRITE parameter.
• New PANNING parameter.
• New Grain "Sequencer".
• Upgrade: Revised VCOs.

Additional Information

Danh mục: Miễn phí Nhạc và Âm thanh ỨNG DỤNG

Ngày phát hành:

Uploaded by: سمية سهيل عجلوني

Phiên bản mới nhất: 1.7.1Yêu cầu cập nhật Grainstorm

Available on: Tải Grainstorm trên Google Play

Yêu cầu: Android 6.0+

Báo cáo: Gắn cờ là không phù hợp

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