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Glycemic Index

Load Tracker

1.1.0 for Android
RFIT development
This release comes in several variants, See available APKs

Mô tả của Glycemic Index

You can use this app to:
- check values of glycemic index & glycemic load
- count carbs & calories (carb counter)
- log & track glucose
- log & track weight (for weight loss)
- eat healthily

The foods database contains the following information:

+ Glycemic index (GI)
+ Glycemic load (GL)
+ Calories
+ Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates

Glycemic Index Tracker app features:

+ Easy to use interface
+ Convenient search
+ GI level filter
+ Sort by name and value of GI
+ Ability to add your own foods
+ Quick access to your favorite foods
+ Low Carb Recipes & Diet Plan
+ Glycemic Load Calculator
+ Glycemic Load & Nutrition Consumption Tracker - Count carbs, calories, proteins, and fats.
+ Glucose Tracker - Log, Track, and Monitor changes in blood sugar
+ Weight Tracker - fight weight gain and obesity! Lose weight!

Glycemic index is an important metric to track because carbohydrates that increase blood sugar levels quickly (those with a high glycemic index) also quickly increase insulin levels. The increase in insulin may result in low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia) and hunger, which tends to lead to consuming excess calories and gaining weight.

This app is ideal for people with type 2 diabetes who want to control their blood glucose levels by changing their diet. Also, this app will become an essential tool for those who are struggling with excess weight and want to lose weight by starting a low carb diet.

Now with this app, monitoring your diet and eating healthy and nutritious food has become much easier! Just search the food and find out if it is good or bad to consume.

We sincerely hope that this app will make you a healthier person!

Glycemic Index 1.1.0 Cập nhật

In this update:

- Now you can track not only glycemic load but also calories and other nutrition facts
- You can track not only system foods but also your own foods
- Updated design of tracking feature
- Fixed minor bugs

Please share your thoughts with us!

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