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Wallet App

1.12.0 for Android
Folio Technologies
This release comes in several variants, See available APKs

Mô tả của Folio

Digital Wallet App & ID ScannerStore all your cards and ID photos in one place, with Folio’s digital wallet & ID scanner app! Advanced face ID recognition biometrics lets you in and keeps others out. Digitize your wallet in seconds.

Folio is your safe and secure mobile digital id wallet app. Protect your personal documents and IDs with Folio’s mobile ID card scanner and password protection. Folio makes it easy to scan, store, and save IDs and cards in this virtual wallet app.

Now all your personal documents are digital, safe, and secure in Folio’s virtual wallet app. Scan and save your mobile passport, drivers license, health care cards, banking cards, credit cards, gym membership ID card, loyalty, and other important documents.

Virtual Wallet for Passport, Driver’s License & Reward CardsNever worry about carrying or losing your wallet and card keeper, simply scan and save your ID cards in this virtual wallet app and credit card scanner.

Scan your identity, ID cards into this digital card wallet app easily, and store securely with Folio’s mobile wallet app.

• Save all your cards in one place with this free mobile digital wallet app
• Scan IDs, passport, health cards, credit cards, bank cards, drivers license, documents
• Verify your identity quickly with face recognition and government issued ID
• Confirm your ID with banks, businesses, and governments
• Access your mobile wallet safely anywhere, anytime
• Latest character recognition and scanning software
• Guided instructions to help you along the way
• Your encrypted information is not visible to Folio or sent to a third party without your explicit consent

Face ID Recognition
Highly accurate face ID recognition & matching engine to link the user with their documents and verify you are always dealing with the same person.

Folio is your digital card holder to store membership cards, save digital documents, securely and easily. This free app is a digital drivers license scanner, card ID scanner, that saves and protects your IDs and personal cards in a mobile digital wallet.

Save your digital ID photo in the Folio virtual wallet and free card scanner app.

Folio 1.12.0 Cập nhật

- New feature alert: Turn your physical QR codes and barcodes digital
- Bug fixes.

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Phiên bản mới nhất: 1.12.0Yêu cầu cập nhật Folio

Available on: Tải Folio trên Google Play

Yêu cầu Android: Android 7.0+

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