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Fasting Time

Fasting Tracker & Intermittent Diet

1.19 for Android


Mô tả của Fasting Time

Fasting Time puts the power of the intermittent fasting diet into your hands. Lose weight, reach your goals and stay on track with your fasts.

✔ Elegant fasting tracker with over 10 different display modes
✔ Always stay up to date with Fasting Time's notification service
✔ Progress at a glance: easily see your personal before and after story
✔ Review and edit your fasting history
✔ Track your weight with photos and notes
✔ Set up and track as many fasts as you want! Combine intermittent fasting with other fast methods like OMAD
✔ Compare your recent fasts with an easy-to-use chart and timeline system
✔ Customizable goal and a reminder when you reach it
✔ Daily motivational message
✔ Share your progress with your social circle or fasting community
✔ Fully customizable with unique backgrounds, icons and themes to match your diet
✔ Password protected

Lose weight and reach your goals with
✔ Keep track of your progress by setting up a daily goal
✔ Complete weigh ins to track and manage your weight loss
✔ Add notes and photos to every step of your fast journey
✔ Stay motivated with daily inspirational messages to power your fast
✔ Full-featured fasting tracker with a customizable clock
✔ Summarize the time you have been fasting down to the second
✔ Use the progress on your fasting clock to motivate you when things get difficult

Stay on top of your fasting diet
✔ Let Fasting Time run in the notification bar to keep you updated throughout your fast day
✔ Set up an individual widget for each of your active fasts
✔ Quickly access your entire fasting history, with the ability to add, edit or delete entries
✔ Receive a notification when your intermittent fasting is complete

Do it your way
✔ Completely customizable and works with any fasting program
✔ Perfect for intermittent fasting, water fasts, one meal a day or your own custom schedule
✔ Easily integrate the eating schedule of your diet
✔ Fully customizable fasting tracker and widget
✔ Customize each fast with different trackers, backgrounds, icons and headings
✔ Couple it with your healthy diet for excellent results

Manage your fasts
✔ Track each of your fasts separately
✔ Set up an unique fast for each fasting method you want to do, be it water fasting, intermittent fasting or OMAD
✔ Weigh Ins let you add your own photos and notes, letting you easily see the progress you've made
✔ Review your recent activity in a beautiful design

With Fasting Time you can track your fasts and stay motivated wherever you are. Set up an intermittent fasting schedule, commit to a long-term fast or try eating one meal a day. It has multiple display options, a powerful fasting clock and counters, customizable goals.

Get Fasting Time now to manage your fasts, lose weight and reach your goals!

Fasting Time 1.19 Cập nhật

Added data privacy controls
Miscellaneous fixes and improvements

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Phiên bản mới nhất: 1.19Yêu cầu cập nhật Fasting Time

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Yêu cầu: Android 4.1+

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