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English Grammar For All

1.8 for Android


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English Grammar For All
English Grammar for all is the English grammar app where all grammatical lesson are included wisely. We focused the basic and necessary topic of English Grammar.
This (English Grammar For All) android application will help to improve your English grammar. Keep this application always in your pocket. Give us feedback and join our English grammar communities for more updates.

English is a global language. Almost every country which primary language is not English they use English as second language. This foreign language not easy to learn. Especially those people whose mother language is not English. Even though native English people mistake commonly. So, correct english usage is essential for all. That's why this English Grammar For All app is essential for all.

English Grammar section include all basic and advance English Grammar courses include:

👍🏻 Sentence: Introduction and Types, Simple Sentence, Complex Sentence, Compound Sentence, Transformation of sentence

👍🏻 Clauses: Clause and Its Types, Subordinate Clause, Noun Clause, Adjective Clause, Adverbial Clause

👍🏻 Parts of Speech: Parts of Speech and It's Kind

👍🏻 Noun : Noun and Noun Determiners, Countable Noun, Uncountable Noun

👍🏻 Pronoun : Pronoun and Type, Farther Use of Pronoun

👍🏻 Adjective: Introduction of Adjective, Comparative Adjective, Superlative Adjective, Adjective Order

👍🏻 Verb : Introduction of Verb, Helping Verb, Main Verb, Modal Verb, Usage of Modal

👍🏻 Adverb : Introduction of Adverb, Formation of Adverb, Kind of Adverb, Position of Adverb, Adverb of Frequency, Adverb of Definite Frequency, Adverb of Indefinite Frequency

👍🏻 Tense : Define Tense and Type, Present Tense, Past Tense, Future Tense, Formation of Sentence to follow Tense Structure

👍🏻 Narration : Direct and Indirect Narration, Assertive Sentence or State, Interrogative Sentence, Imperative Sentence, Optative Sentence, Exclamatory Sentence

👍🏻 Tag Questions : Tag Questions

👍🏻 Linking Words : Linking Words and its usage

👍🏻 Idiom and Phrases : Introduction and Type, Important Idiom & Phrases

👍🏻 Preposition : Rules Preposition, Appropriate Preposition

👍🏻 Voice Change : Introduction of Voice, Active Voice, Passive Voice, Voice Example

👍🏻 Articles : Articles and its usage

👍🏻 Conditional Sentence : Conditional Sentence and its usage

👍🏻 Capitalization : Introduction of Capitalization, Capitalization Examples

Hope, you will learn more about English grammar. Keep it your pocket and enjoy our update in near future.

Practically english grammar in use is very important for all. In written english, grammar check is essential part. If you check cambridge dictionary which contains malay to english, korean to english or arabic to english or meaning of english word they emphasize the vocabulary. If you know present perfect & past perfect & adjectives properly you can learn something in English Grammar. AlsoEnglish Grammar very very important in ielts beacuse Ielts focus only four pillar and which is combined with grammar. In this English Grammar For All app we focus to learn english with english grammar. We inlcude all part of english grammar even though punctuation. The verb to be used in very important that's why we puts lot of exercise in this part.

English Grammar For All app also include present tense, past tense & future tense and their usage. In english language english conversation is most desired things that's why you have to correct in grammarly for word.

To use this that these those also play important role in english grmmar. So english grammar in use main things to learn english. Without it your english grammar check will show many more error.

In business english there is essential grammar in use & should english for everyone.

English Grammar For All 1.8 Cập nhật

-Reduced the intensity of popup ads
-Added 12 tense practice
-New design
-New information
-Minor design change
-Added more preposition
-Added more Idiom & Phrases

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