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Easymark-Personal Cloud Notes

2.2.0beta3 for Android


Mô tả của Easymark-Personal Cloud Notes

Easymark is a kind of concise note software, which abandons the traditional folder to "Repository" as a unit to manage your notes, is somewhat similar to "Tag". The advantage is that you need not face on the phone Layer a layer of folder list, which is very time-consuming and not convenient on the mobile phone.

It is support to save notes on the local SD card, also on the cloud storage, such as Dropbox、WebDAV.There will also add more remote storage support to the following function. It is different from synchronization, the remote storage here. It is only access to the network in the operation such as modify notes, delete notes and something like those. It will not consume your phone performance and traffic data except that.

In terms of edition, it still pursues the most concise way, excludes the interference from various formats function button, and supports the WYSIWYG Markdown.

Do note in “repository” management
Remote storage support
WYSIWYG Markdown.
Markdown shortcut key
Edit font style being adjusted
Except using, it cannot do any extra things on your phone.
It is completely free without ads

If you don't give the read permissions to save the SD software, the note will be saved generally in a private storage path. The note will be deleted by system when uninstalled (but remote notes are not affected). If not, the default stored note is in the SD card of Easymark directory.

This software is currently maintained within me. It cannot avoid the predicted problems. Welcome to put forward the Suggestions and comments to me.

Easymark-Personal Cloud Notes 2.2.0beta3 Cập nhật

- **FIX** Bug fix

Additional Information

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Phiên bản mới nhất: 2.2.0beta3Yêu cầu cập nhật Easymark-Personal Cloud Notes

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Yêu cầu: Android 4.1+

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