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Tools for Encryption & Cryptography

4.0.1 for Android

Michael Kokoschka

Mô tả của Crypto

Crypto - The unique cryptography app with numerous & useful features
Suitable for learning, testing & applying.

Explore cryptography - the magic behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Now with Blockchain related features. More coming soon!

• Encryption
• Hashing
• Encoding/Decoding
• Mathematical functions
• Secure Communication Tools (Certificates & Key Exchange)
• Analysis
• Tools

This makes Crypto unique:
• Beautiful & modern Material Design
• Useful implemented features
• Info pages for a lot of functions (implementation details etc.)
• Sharing/Copy-pasting your texts & content made very easy & powerful
• Save frequently used functions as favorites
• Powerful Secure Communication Tools as an approach to provide secure encryption as a security add-on for every untrusted messaging or email service

Cryptographic functions
• Caesar
• Vigenère
• Skytale
• Blowfish
• Twofish
• RC4
• Salsa20
• ChaCha

Analysis Functions
• Frequency Analysis
• Caesar Brute Force
• Factorization
• Prime Search
• Find Divisors
• Convert RSA modulus
• Decode PEM certificate

Asymmetric Methods
• Diffie Hellman
• El Gamal

• Prime test (Fermat, Miller Rabin)
• Euler toitent function
• GCD (Euklid) & Multiplicative Inverse in a Field

• MD2
• MD4
• MD5
• SHA-1
• SHA-2
• SHA-3
• Tiger
• Whirlpool
• Gost3411

HMAC - Keyed-Hash Message Authentication Code
• MD2
• MD4
• MD5
• SHA1
• SHA2
• Tiger
• Whirlpool
• Gost3411

MAC - Message Authentication Code
• Skein
• Poly1305

KDF - Key Derivation Function
• Scrypt

• Base64
• Base58
• Hexadecimal
• Binary

• Base64
• Base58
• Hexadecimal

• Export your PEM certificate(.pem .crt .cert .cer)
• QR code generator
• QR code decoder
• Advanced Base64 Encoding/Decoding
• Bitcoin Address Generator

Secure Communication Tools
• Authentication (RSA certificates)
• Key Exchange (RSA Public Key Block Cipher Encryption)
• Encryption (AES-256)

What can you do with Crypto?
• Encrypt your messages for WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and other messengers
• Encrypt your texts to securely store or send them
• Save your passwords as hash
• Learning support with mathematical DH and RSA implementations
• Mathematical functions also suitable as everyday helpers

Some special use cases for Secure Communication Tools:
RSA Certificates
• Share your certificate to prove your identity
• You can securely & easily exchange secrets, passwords or session keys with RSA public keys included in the certificates

RSA Key Exchange
• Transfer your bank account number securely
• Share access codes (e.g. PDF passwords, Cloud access passwords) securely
• Exchange a session key for AES Encryption

AES Encryption
• Encrypt your text messages securely and share them (AES recommended instead of RSA because of performance)

If you have any problems, suggestions or questions, please email to

Also leave a positive rating if you like the app. Thank you!
If there is anything you don't like about this app, please tell me what it is and why.

Crypto 4.0.1 Cập nhật

Crypto v4.0 is out now – the biggest update yet

• All new UI design
• Dark Mode
• Edge-to-Edge Experience (for Android 8+ only)
• Enhanced app navigation & architecture
• Countless minor tweaks and optimizations
• Stability improvements
• Bug fixes

Additional Information

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Yêu cầu: Android 5.0+

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