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1.1.9 for Android

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Discover nearby museums, monuments, historical markers, and landmarks. You can also create a walking tour or simply go for a walk or drive and discover nearby historical landmarks, museums, and historical markers near your present location.Each entry and walking tour is created by local historians, universities, historic sites, and museums. Please visit our website to learn how you and your organization can add new entries.

No matter where you might travel, there is history here when you use Clio! Enjoy a detour from a road trip and take the next exit to explore history. Enjoy our New York City walking tours, San Francisco walking tours, explore New Orleans history, or try any of our 200+ walking tours that serve as city guides wherever you might travel in the United States.

Clio is non-profit and free for everyone. Thanks to donors and authors who create entries and walking tours, Clio gets a little more educational each day. If you would like to help, please visit our website at and/or send us an email at Anyone can create an entry (subject to review) and all donations are tax deductible.

Clio offers special accounts for institutions and collegiate instructors so that they can create entries with members and students. Clio gets a little better each day thanks to this partnership with libraries, historical societies, local experts, and academic historians. Together, we are building a comprehensive, dynamic, and interactive map of American history that reaches each of us where we stand.

Clio 1.1.9 Cập nhật

Fix for Google Maps integration

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