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Card Processing Handbook (EMV,NFC,ISO8583) biểu tượng

Card Processing Handbook (EMV,NFC,ISO8583)

Liquid Silver 10k for Android

Leonid Yashin

Mô tả của Card Processing Handbook (EMV,NFC,ISO8583)

Here is a program the Card Processing Handbook (firther CPH ).
The CPH is intended for employees working with card processing systems based on MSR, EMV, or NFC technology who need obtain any certificates for their company’s devices or develop software for them or must provide high level of service for their clients. The application contains a brief description of the main authorization fields EMV NFC tags. The application contains the most part of its and provides you with detailed information of some packed fields you need to know. CPH is a mobile reference guide that helps you work better and more efficiently.

It will help to compress or decompress both the initial values involved in configuring devices and the dynamic values obtained during transactions.

The CPH has a comfortable user interface for input data in hexadecimal format as well as the ability to produce bitwise input of the corresponding values

Although the CPH may pretend to be a fairly complete directory, it does not cancel or replace the original values of the standard from official sources.
If in doubt, please refer to the original documents of the relevant standard.

Card Processing Handbook (EMV,NFC,ISO8583) Liquid Silver 10k Cập nhật

updates and additions
- extended AID List
- authorization DE44, DE22 Point Code, DE39 Action Code
- clearing (CTF)
- clearing (IPM) additional PDS
- in-app purchases - new product Search Service Clearing CTF
- settings, the ability to enable and disable vibration and sounds
- no advertizing
- Error correction

Additional Information

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Uploaded by: Marcela Larissa

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Yêu cầu: Android 6.0+

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