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Audio Book for Kids - Fairy Tales

1.12 for Android

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Mô tả của Audio Book for Kids - Fairy Tales

The best bedtime audio stories for children in English, Spanish and Bulgarian.

Each fairy tale teaches children important lessons. The stories are suitable for children in preschool, kindergarten, primary and elementary school. We have received hundreds of messages from grateful parents telling us how much their children enjoy the stories.

Do you want to teach your child to be well behaved, smart and happy?

You can achieve this with our original fairy tales written by a child psychologist.
Our fairy tales stimulate imagination and speech, enrich and awaken the mind, and develop emotional intelligence in children. That's why the children should listen to the fairy tales regularly. Fairy tales open doors - the doors of knowledge, beauty and magic!

Each fairy tale teaches children important lessons like:
- always listen to your parents
- be confident and happy
- teach your kids compassion and kindness
- one can achieve anything with hard work and perseverance
- еat healthy foods and play sports
- overcome fears and become stronger and braver
- school is important and fun
- resolve conflicts with friends
- share fears and concerns with parents
- get to know themselves better, understand their emotions and feelings, and achieve inner peace

Benefits of the our bedtime stories:
- Allow the parents to raise their children in a gentle, delicate way by developing specific beliefs, like: I am good! I can! I am happy!
- Children become calm and fall asleep more quickly and easily, dreaming wonderful dreams.
- The fairy tales have relaxing background music helping them to fall asleep quicker
- Each story can start with a personalized greeting to the child
- Each fairy tale contains a section for the parents outlining the lessons of the story.
- Let the parents relax for a bit, take care of themselves and rest assured that their children are learning important lessons.
- Children can practice foreign languages by listening to a story in their native language and after that listening to the same story in a foreign language.
- The texts of the stories are available, if parents wish to read them to the children themselves.
- The application works without Internet connectivity after downloading the stories. Download the stories just once and you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere!

Our motto is: “Let's make the world a better place for our children!”

Audio Book for Kids - Fairy Tales 1.12 Cập nhật

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