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A-Level Pure Math Trigonometry 1

1.0 for Android

Multimedia E-Learning Education System (MELES)

Mô tả của A-Level Pure Math Trigonometry 1

Probably the best FREE TRIGONOMETRY app so far!

★ Study your Pure Mathematics on the go; bus, café, beach, street, anywhere!

★ Simplified explanations, plus extra side notes with even more explanation!

★ Over 30 examples per chapter with step by step working.

★ Multimedia sections about using scientific calculators and graphing software.

★ A companion Tutorial app for each chapter with video, audio and captions.

★ Past paper examination questions at the end of each chapter.

★ Fully worked-out answers to every exercise per chapter are also available.

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2. Differentiation 2
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4. Further differentiation
5. Algebra 1
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9. Trigonometry 1
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11. Further Integration 1
12. Exponential and Log functions
13. Partial fractions
14. Further Integration 2
15. Coordinate geometry 1
16. Curve sketching
17. Coordinate geometry 2
18. Differential equations
19. Complex numbers
20. Vectors in 3-dimensions

✪ We've created an app for every Pure Maths chapter above.

✪ This app is for Chapter 9 referred to as TRIGONOMETRY 1.

A-Level Pure Math Trigonometry 1 1.0 Cập nhật

✸ Trigonometric ratios of angles
✸ Graphs of sinθ, cosθ and tanθ
✸ Trigonometric ratios of 30º, 45º and 60º
✸ Secant, cosecant and cotangent
✸ Trigonometric equations
✸ Pythagoras theorem
✸ Compound angle formula
✸ Double angle formula
✸ The t–formula
✸ The form acosθ + bsinθ
✸ The factor formulae
✸ The sine and cosine rule
✸ The area of a triangle

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