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WarSpace, multiplayer Starship Duels is a turn-based multiplayer strategy game.

Multiplayer Starship duels! Battle with other players around the world for space supremacy in this new, free multiplayer turn based strategy within eight battle arenas. With a simple and easy to pick up battle mechanic at the game's core, you'll understand the basics quickly, but soon discover there's far more strategy involved as you upgrade your space ship.

Using psychology, tactics and skill any player can out-wit vastly stronger players!

- Upgrade your ship's performance with the winnings of your battle to enhance its fighting capabilities, in a simple RPG theme.

- Compete with other people in three running global multiplayer leagues and try to achieve the highest rating among your friends.

- Devastate your opponents with your uncanny anticipation of their action !

- Free to Play In-app purchases provide accelerated development but never provide an ultimate advantage over other players.

- Simple Core Mechanics Combat and Planning phases with rock paper scissors elements are the heart of the game!

- Unlimited No annoying timers or limits to your game play. Play as much as you like for free !

- Developed with community Community feedback is critical to us - WE CARE what our players and community think, just read our reviews to believe us!

- Turn-based You're 30 seconds in the planning phase to choose your combat actions - choose your strategy

- Ship Development As you progress you'll move through ship categories: Corvette, Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleship and finally the ultimate Dreadnought class.

- Share Share your great achievements on Facebook and Twitter !

This tactical sci-fi game requires a working internet connection to play, and is solely PvP (Player versus Player) multiplayer


"Hidden Gem of Google Play" ★★★★★

"You wouldn't think a rock paper scissors combat system would work, but it does!" ★★★★

"Combined strategy and intuitive gameplay" ★★★★★

"Solid, well executed paper, rock, scissors :). Love it!" ★★★★★

"Simple mechanism with engaging graphics beautifully executed." ★★★★★

"Roshambo, with a galaxy and trek quest theme." ★★★★★

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Clash with your fellow players in this RTS game. Use your laser, cannons, & missiles to outwit your opponents.

میں نیا کیا ہے 1.6.9 تازہ ترین ورژن

Last updated on Nov 28, 2017

Push for initial startup crash fix

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War Space: Free Strategy MMO اپ ڈیٹ کی درخواست کریں 1.6.9

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José Marcos Silva Cabral Marcos

Android درکار ہے

Android 4.1+

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