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Digital weigh scale. Bluetooth digital scale app. Several model of digital scale

THIS IS A REAL WEIGHING DIGITAL SCALE. Not a "fun application" as many similar programs in the Android market - it allows precision measurements.

You can use the DEMO button in app to display the running applications with SENSODROID digital bluetooth scale.

This software does not display a real weight reading unless an SENSODROID bluetooth scale has been paired. Please don't leave comments about "no function" or "not working" - this application works very well with an SENSODROID Bluetooth scale.

Models of digital bluetooth scales:

KS6001 kitchen scale: 0 - 6000 g
BT6000Y industrial scale: 0 - 6000 g
BT30Y industrial scale: 0 - 30 kg
BT70Y industrial scale: 0 - 70 kg
BT150Y industrial scale: 0 - 150 kg
BT300Y industrial scale: 0 - 300 kg

Industrial scales could be controlled via app - Function: TARE / UNIT / OFF and any other.

Sensoscale lite application can be used as a postal scale, parcel scales, laboratory scales, veterinary scales, kitchen scales, gastro scales, medical scales, bathroom scales, precision scales, electronic scale and others.

The SENSODROID Bluetooth digital scales can be bought direct from SENSODROID store via Paypal

We are manufacturer, developer and designer of digital scales, barcode readers and other wireless products. We also design scales, barcode readers and software according to customer's needs and specifications. We can make any scale or barcode scanner together with its software that will suit your needs and specifications.
We build high quality and excellent scales, barcode readers and software at reasonable prices.
We are ISO certified.
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Sensoscale Lite digital scale اپ ڈیٹ کی درخواست کریں 0.33

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Mar 21, 2016

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Léo Matheus Sousa Sá

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Android 4.0+

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