About Picturesque Lock Screen

Wallpaper Notification Camera Search web contacts & launch apps from lock screen

Wallpaper, Notifications, Quick launch camera, Cricket, Top News, Weather, Tools, Search web, Call/message frequent contacts and Launch favourite apps from your lock screen

✔ Rewards: Referral program in India market has ended. Eligible users can continue to redeem their FreeCharge coupons

✔ Wallpaper: Choose your own image or receive beautiful wallpaper for your lock screen background from Bing by Microsoft everyday

✔ Notifications: View missed calls, text messages, and other notifications. Customize and categorize notifications based on type and priority on your lock screen

✔ Contacts: One click access to WhatsApp, call and message frequent contacts. Search frequent contacts from lock screen directly

✔ Favorite apps: Launch favorite applications right from lock screen

✔ Security: Custom unlock features like enable pin, password and pattern unlock screen to secure your phone

✔ News: Read latest news in categories like business, sports, politics, top stories, national news and more, right from the lock screen

✔ Sports: Get live Cricket scores on your locker and stay up-to-date

✔ Search: Search contacts, applications and web without unlocking your phone

✔ Tools: Quick access to tools like camera, flashlight, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ringer and more

✔ Camera: Get access to Camera in single touch right from your locker, now don’t miss any moment to capture

✔ Music: Control music from your locker

✔ Weather: Get up-to-date weather and temperature for your current location directly on your lock screen

✔ Rewards: Earn Bing rewards (in US market) for your searches

Picturesque Lock Screen by Microsoft is one stop solution to all your lock screen problems. Now secure your android device with a beautiful background integrated with features like Bing Search and app shortcuts to increase your productivity.

★ ★ ★ ★ What others are telling about us

★ Microsoft has been hard at work bringing in a new update to give users more to love – Android Headlines

★ Picturesque is undoubtedly one of the best-looking lockscreen replacement apps available for Android - Business Insider

★ Yet another sign that Microsoft under CEO Satya Nadella is a proudly cross-platform company –Gigaom

★ if you're looking for additional ways to spice up your locked device, it may be worth adding Microsoft's Picturesque Lock Screen to your list – Android Police

★ Gizmodo Top app of the week – Gizmodo

★ Business ETC top 5 app of the week – Business ETC

★ Picturesque may be experimental, but it’s also a workaround, putting Microsoft’s search engine front and center from the moment users turn on their phones – Green Bot

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Last updated on Jul 4, 2017

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