About Knights of the round

Derived from a famous IP called "Knight of the Round Table", Knights of the round will be shown as a strategic ARPGame to players announced by Netmarble.

Good news for people in North America! Because the "Knights of the round" prepares to target the area market. 

Although the "Knights of the round" has not been released, some features have been revealed. 

With high-end visuals and graphics, players will experience diverse modes and live-action battles. Plus, Knights of the round will also feature a quarter-view mode and teleporting style. Especially in adventure mode, players can enjoy the fun of exploration, puzzles and capture points in PvP mode.

Note: The game's release date has not been set yet. We will notify you as soon as the game is officially released.

Official Pre-Register Page: https://company.netmarble.com/

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