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Free Holy Rosary

Free Holy Rosary

Based on the popular Scriptural Edition, this new application features, by user request, the standard rosary without scripture readings. Many thanks to Debbie S. & friends for encouragement and feedback!

The Scriptural Edition will continue to remain available as a separate download on the Play Market.

The appropriate mystery is loaded for that particular day when the application launches, or you can manually choose which mysteries you would like to pray along with.

Please contact me at andev@joemeineke.com if you have issues and I'll be happy to help.

Thanks & God bless!

میں نیا کیا ہے 2.7 تازہ ترین ورژن

Last updated on Jan 14, 2017

Audio enhancements
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Holy Rosary اپ ڈیٹ کی درخواست کریں 2.7

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Dec 27, 2016

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Thomas Pareja

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Android 2.2+

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