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Jun 19, 2020

About ColorPix


Color by numbers. Sandbox /w ColorPix Pixel Art patterns. Upload & color photos!

ColorPix: Pixel Art - Color by Numbers Game! is the notoriously creative and fun to play pixel art coloring game on sandbox!. You may choose amongst thousands of beautiful patterns, images and color by number them; or you may choose to import, upload any photo and create your own Pixel Artwork with our ColorPix: Pixel Art - Color by Numbers Game's creator tool and enjoy the most comprehensive and best pixel coloring game! 🍬

Reveal the artist in your child and yourself by this awesome color by number art game!

🎨Art games promote creativity!
🎨Coloring art games promote visual intelligence!
🎨Art games promote confidence!
🎨Challenging art games promote problem solving skills!
🎨Pixel art games promote patience and determination!
🎨Sandbox art games promote accountability!
🎨Art games promote dedication!

"Technological advancements and apps becoming an essential part of lives of our children, it is crucial to motivate children towards apps boosting productive habits such as art, music, reading, etc."

ColorPix: Pixel Art - Color by Numbers Game! app is a color-by-number and color-by-letters app that presents coloring pages with color legends which users fill in pixel by pixel. After you download the Pixel Art Game, you will see lots of greyscaled pictures. These are the patterns for you to color them!

Color by numbers, create ColorPix Pixel Art and Sandbox Art with the most relaxing game. Become a pixel artist with incredible sandbox art and pixel artwork.

Coloring by Number will make you and your kids relax and enjoy your spare time by creating Pixel Artworks. Drawing and creating your own pixel artwork will help your child to boost her/his creativity tremendously. It's also a treat for the adults, too. 🍬

The most creative and relaxing game is Super Pixel Art Coloring Pages helps you to create colorful images & photos.

Share your pixel artwork with your friends on social media.

Have relaxing time with variety of lovely pixel arts. Get the pleasure of the most popular number sandbox color game.

We add fresh pixel pictures and patterns every week.

Mandalas, pets, flowers, cartoons, animal photos and many more.

ColorPix: Pixel Art - Color by Numbers Game! comes with hundreds of beautiful photos and patterns to work on. Just select the color and tap to paint by numbers, it is simple, relaxing and fun.

You will become an actual pixel artist with this relaxing color by number game.

A huge collection of beautiful pixel art classics and color by number based sandbox art patterns to play.

Endless pixel art options with built-in import tool.

Carry ColorPix: Pixel Art - Color by Numbers Game! pleasure with yourself to anywhere anytime.

Import a photos, create unique ColorPix: Pixel Art - Color by Numbers Game! Artwork through photos of your loved ones.

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Last updated on Jun 18, 2020

Another way of getting away from stress is Live! Install now and start to color dozens of perfect images by number!

Have Fun!
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Jun 19, 2020

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