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Get ready to be the hero of WW2 elite squad and to win the black shooter medal. The story begins with the invasion of some territories that triggers the Black World War. The conflict expanded to a global scale with the intervention of new enemies. This WW2 war mobilized all of the economic resources of the various countries involved in this world-wide conflict and caused a great deal of damage, mostly to civilians. The combats took place on different hostile environments from snow to forest and deserts and also invaded towns. You start your journey as a leader a well-trained assault war force called Black Squad OPS. It is your mission as a commander and WW2 sniper to put an end to this bloody war and stop conquer of new territories of civilians. You will have all the weapons and ammunition necessary to carry out your missions. Prepare yourself as you will face all types of dangers: landmines, missiles, fighter planes and submarines.

Call of WW2 Black Ops War FPS Features :

✅ Aim! Target your enemy and unleash your weapon shooting rounds.

✅ Explode Grenades! Destruction & Survival is the name of the game

✅ Be ready to counter attack your enemies

✅ Unlimited Levels

✅ Sniper, pistols and rifles! Buy new guns and keep your arsenal up to date

✅ Real Gun strike offline mobile shooting FPS game

✅ Fight as an Anti-Terrorist or Terrorist! Thrilling Bullet strike of gun shooting game

✅ Army WW2 FPS commando offline game with secret missions

✅ multiple modes available: adventures and multiplayer.

✅ Customize player name.

✅ Variety of fire guns skins.

✅ Many bonuses and medals.

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SHOOTER DUTY SHOOTER GAME! You will have epic squad fights in the specialist missions. You will face tanks, helicopter, heavy weapons and specialist storm shooting battlegrounds.

2022 new games to survive in the battleground. Your call on duty awaits you, Anti-Terrorism shooting game in final battleground World War 2. Strike call of Gun shooting battlefield with new battle shooter call of WW2 missions. Commando shoot action games and top anti-terrorist Special Forces modern warfare weapons with tactical gear to stop terrorism with your gun strike. You are in last war with critical strike actions in the final battleground modern critical strike anti-terrorism special ops strike of duty real shooting game FPS offline games World war. Elite commando of squad force and your city is surrounded by enemies. Counter-terrorism battle strike right now and save the world by fighting in the critical army operations of World War II survival war of FPS Shooting Games.

Play for free commando adventure shoot and enjoy this thrilling cover shooter game with various of weapons, and offline shooting unlimited levels. Offline shooting Gun Strike of Duty is a stunning war game with shooting combat real shooter 3d gameplay. One of the best offline and online shooting game Aim and shoot in crossfire and kill zone strike.

Call of WW2 Black Ops War Modern warfare shooting missions are awaiting your call on strike duty counter missions, anti-terrorists forces of war and delta battle combat battleground to gear up with the world best snipers and war survival maps. Best Mobile offline battleground survival war.

Get ready to join the shooting battalion named Black Squad OPS and honor your mission as an elite special ops shooter. Become the best commander of World War. Become a shooting legend !

میں نیا کیا ہے 1.21 تازہ ترین ورژن

Last updated on Sep 30, 2022

★ Leaderboard for best ranked players.
★ Enhanced fps war missions.
★ New guns available to use in all warzones.
★ enhanced WW2 sniper 3D.

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Call of WW2 Black Ops War FPS اپ ڈیٹ کی درخواست کریں 1.21

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Steven Verwins

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Android 4.4+

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