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Feb 7, 2023

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Freedom of Speech • Decentralized • Gamification • Tokenization

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Uhive has collectively made it our mission to create the world's first and fastest growing decentralized social network. This drive is purely based on our incredible desire to take back our digital lives from Big Tech, and return the balance of power to the people.

Real-world politics are so obfuscated it's (for the foreseeable future) a lost cause. But the digital world is still within our grasp - we built Uhive to reach a level that Big Tech cannot ignore.

Our network of ~1 million registered users ARE TRUE BELIEVERS in what the metaverse and Uhive can deliver. With one call to action Uhive's users can make a (metaverse) world of difference.

On a technical level, we've built features into the Uhive platform that simply don't exist anywhere else and created IP like “Digital Economy Insight'' tools, to give users unmatched control over their digital assets.

Uhive exists to fulfill Gen Z and Millennials’ craving for community and ownership driven economies on a social media platform. Web3 exists, and Metaverse worlds like Uhive, to reject the idea of centralized, value-extracting experiences, which is what users get right now on legacy social platforms.

Uhive is the fastest-growing Web3, or social Metaverse app, with over 1 million users;

◾ True free speech (community moderation)
◾ Digital asset management tools built-in
◾ Native social token (ERC20)
◾ Interest-based content discovery

We’ve lowered almost every barrier-to-entry into Web3 by making digital currency as easy as signing up to a social network, collecting or monetizing NFTs by allowing users to mint at zero-cost, and also trade NFTs with Uhive tokens which they earn for their time on the app.

The Uhive platform’s financial system is built around the Ethereum blockchain which enables users to own and analyze their data and assets via the app’s native crypto wallet.

True freedom of speech exists on Uhive because the platform’s moderation is not controlled by a centralized team, but users, via public moderation, that is now open to everyone!

We welcome all feedback

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You can email us directly at: support@uhive.com

What's New in the Latest Version 0.8.81

Last updated on Feb 9, 2023
- General bug fixes.

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