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Story Saver lets you view stories anonymously. Watch and download stories.

🌟 Easily save your videos and photos to your device on Instagram with the Story Saver for Instagram app. The easiest way to download photos from Instagram. You can download everything, including highlight cover photos and profile pictures.

🌟 Just as the name suggests, Story Saver is a photo saver and video downloader for instagram. Insta save happens to be a highly loved app by instgram users, simply for the great utility it brings.The application is also very easy and fast to use.

🌟 So now you can keep all the photos and videos that you loved and also be able to repost them. Story Saver, the instgram video downloader is 100% FREE to use. With just one click, the Instagram story can be fast saved into your device.

🌟 Story Saver - Video Downloader Repost Photo Insave makes it super convenient for you to download any image or video from Instagram. It’s an easy to use story download Instagram app that also enables you to download IGTV videos directly to your device!

🌟 Friends may forget to share the photos with you, but you will be able to download them directly to your phone with Story Saver - Video Downloader Repost Photo Insave when they post them or share them on their story.

🌟 If you’re an Instagram fanatic and love to save memories that you make with your friends, this is the perfect app for you. It can download multiple posts at once, regardless of post format.

Insta Story Download

√ Since Stories can be viewed for 24 hours, it makes sense to download and store them. If you want, you can choose one by one or choose all of them.

Instagram Highlight Downloader

√ Highlight download feature is one of the most used functions of the application. You can save highlight videos with all their details to your device.

Video Downloader for Instagram

√ Any video you love and want to repost is on your device with a click. Archive videos and share them from any app whenever you want.


🔥 View stories anonymously

🔥 Save photos from instagram to your gallery, using Story Saver for Instagram App

🔥 Download and save video and picture from Instagram easily

🔥 Search users and browse stories

🔥 Repost any photos or videos.

🔥 Photo Downloader & Video Downloader for Instagram


❗Story Saver for Instagram App is not associated with Instagram. It is a downloader for Instagram photos and videos.

❗ We are not responsible for any intellectual property violation that results from downloading.

❗ We respect the copyright of the owners. Please get the PERMISSION from the owner if you want to repost videos or photos. DO NOT download or repost the videos and media clips without owners' PERMISSION.




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Jordan Henslee


Android 5.0+



Last updated on 2022年09月07日

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