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make your emoticon

4.4.0 for Android
LINE Corporation

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ycon is a hot new app that lets you create your own original stickers and emoticons!!

Using the same stickers as everyone else is boring. Why waste your time with traditional stickers when you can transform yourself into an alluring bunny girl or an ironic hipster with ycon! The list of available characters is practically endless, so download the app and start sharing your selfie stickers with your friends today!

Why use ycon?
+ Making your own stickers is easy! Pick a template, take a selfie, and tap the OK button to create your own selfie stickers in just 3 taps.
+ Over 1,000 free stickers to choose from! You'll find over 1,000 characters and designs created by artists from around the world inside. It's a miracle stickers this good can be FREE.
+ Searching for stickers is simple! Stickers are separated into 7 categories like romance, happy, sad, and angry so you don't have to spend valuable time finding the right sticker for your current mood.
+ Add original captions! With over 10 different speech balloons to choose from, adding messages to your stickers has never been easier. Add the perfect caption to your stickers and get your message across immediately!
+ Sharing stickers is a breeze! Your sticker masterpieces are begging for attention. Share your creations on LINE, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks with ycon!

ycon stickers are currently displaying as images in LINE chats on Android devices. We are currently working to fix this issue so that they display as stickers. Please be patient while we make this update.

ycon 4.4.0 Güncelleme

New hairstyles added!
Choose your favorite styles to turn your stickers into hair-raising masterpieces!

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