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Word Sweets

Free Crossword Puzzle Game

1.7.4749 for Android

FunCraft Games

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Play the great word game that everyone is talking about! Over 4000+ Levels!! Collect all the words of the crossword using only a few letters.

This spelling game will take your vocabulary to the next level. It is a challenging and satisfying brain training. Incredibly fun and addicting as you figure out that word on the tip of your tongue!

Explore the bright, beautiful world of Candia on your word search and crossword adventures! Journey through tasty lands and solve sweet puzzles! Use awesome powerups and compete on global leaderboards to prove you're the spelling candy champ!

Improve your vocabulary with every word you find, are you smart enough to find them all?

Word Sweets is the best tool to improve your vocabulary and train your brain while having fun. Start with easy puzzles and challenge yourself on each level.

Try the newest spelling game of the market and immerse yourself in the addicting world of finding hidden words by mixing letters. An engaging crossword game that keeps everybody hooked.

- Easy swipe to select letters and spell words!
- Find as many as you can!
- Earn coins for bonus words!
- Progress through a lovely candy world while training your brain!

- Over 4000 Crossword Levels!
- Daily Challenge Puzzle is a new way to play!
- Loads of ways to earn bonus coins.
- Easy to play, challenging to master!
- Play this meditative, relaxing game and zen out until you reach the top level!


"Researchers found that playing three-dimensional (3D) platform video games and puzzle or logic games was associated with a greater grey matter in the navigation area of the brain.[...] " The Telegraph

"[...] Brain training games boost the memory and may reduce the risk of dementia, new research suggests.
A study by Cambridge University found that video games improved the brain function of those with early memory problems.[...] "
The Telegraph

"[...] When the brain is not learning new things, gray matter atrophies as people age. "The good news is that we can reverse those effects and increase volume by learning something new.[...]"

"[...] Crossword puzzles flex one very specific piece of cognition–the ability to find words, which is also known as fluency. Fluency is a type of process-based in the speech and language centers of the brain. So doing crosswords might help you get better at word finding.[...]" Brainhq

Once you start playing this game, you will not be able to escape from it. You will enjoy the best of word searching and crosswords for tremendous brain training fun!

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Hello Word Sweets Fans!

This is our world wide launch of our exciting new word game - please reach out to us at if you have any questions or issues!

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Uploaded by: Ostroveanu Gabriel

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