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Whole Foods Market

6.3.686 for Android

Whole Foods Market, Inc.

Whole Foods Market Açıklaması

The grocery store sidekick you’ve always wanted.

Browse deals & sales
Discover Prime member deals and weekly sales in your local store then save them to your shopping list for an easy reminder on your next trip. Prime members get an extra 10% off hundreds of weekly store sale prices (excluding alcohol). Just scan your Prime code in the app at checkout.

Create a shopping list
Easily build your grocery shopping list by adding all the items you need -like milk, bread, eggs – to your mobile list. Items are automatically grouped by department, so you can quickly find them in store.

Find what you need
Search for specific products and filter results by sales and deals, local brands, special diets and more. You can also add products directly to your shopping list while browsing.

Whole Foods Market 6.3.686 Güncelleme

Bug fixes and minor improvements.

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Uploaded by: Lancar Jaya Uers

En Son Sürüm: 6.3.686Güncelleme Whole Foods Market İste

Available on: Whole Foods Market Google Play'den İndirin

Gereksinimler: Android 6.0+

Bildir: Uygunsuz olarak işaretle

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