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Interactive Self-Help Therapy

2.29.8 for Android


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Why is WellTrack different? We provide a complete mental health solution that can be used as self-help or in conjunction with therapy.

WellTrack includes:
- MoodCheck, your daily mood tracker.
- Modules on stress, anxiety and depression.
- Mental health tools like
- The Zen Room
- Though Diary
- Fun and Achievement
- Activity Scheduler
- Wellness Assessments, where you can measure your levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

IMPORTANT: MoodCheck, which is part of the WellTrack App, is free for everyone! If you are a member of one of our organization partners you will receive access to the full suite of software. In the near future we will be allowing individuals to purchase personal access to all of the WellTrack tools.

WellTrack 2.29.8 Güncelleme

Fix to a validation issue to the demographic/additional information survey

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