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1.0.7 for Android


ViewVoice Açıklaması

ViewVoice is tailored to learners based on a phonetic pronunciation and speaking practice acoustic products

Core Features:

        Draw your pronunciation in tone, an intuitive than the example you pronounce the difference in tone.

        Measure the physiological characteristics when you pronounce lips and tongue position, etc., by comparison with the correct pronunciation, can let you know how to pronounce will be more accurate.

Features and content:

        Pinyin full course of study.

        All 5000+ vocabulary HSK, together with the visualization of pronunciation, vocabulary, each word can enter individually to spelling practice mode.

        Spelling check is like using a calculator as a tool to facilitate inquiries, and may at any time exercise recording query.

        Professional real teacher 2000+ pinyin, syllable pronunciation demonstration.

Every Chinese learners at the beginning of practice pronunciation, will experience a period of pain.

We hope that our products can make you more easily learn Putonghua, inspire your language talent!

ViewVoice 1.0.7 Güncelleme

In this version, we have redesigned the content of Chinese pinyin learning, the learning process more friendly, and adds a host of spelling exercises, hope you like!

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