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US Citizenship Test 2019

1.8.2 for Android

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If you are considering applying to get your US citizenship, an important part of the procedure will be the civics test, given during the interview. On the Citizenship test, you'll be asked 6-10 questions from a preset list of 100 questions.
If you fail to pass the test, apps, then your citizenship application will be denied and you will need to apply again and pay a new fill fee.
The US Citizenship Test 2019 App design to help you to learn the answers to all the questions and actually practice the USCIS Citizenship test, with using the App you can view the 100 USCIS documentation questions in view list or flash cards, also you can do a test to see if you can score well enough to pass the actual interview Test.
Unlike apps, US Citizenship Test 2019 App allows you to select your state, updating the d practice test to include your state information (capital, governor, senators, representative ) that you need to know for the USCIS Test.
This US Citizenship test 2019 App is very easy to use and really helpful for you to pass the US Civics interview.

Videos Section:

- US Citizenship Naturalization Test(100 questions).
- Reading and Writing Study Guide, 2019.
- Interviews.
- How To Apply.

Auto Play

- Now you can listen to the questions and answers with pressing one key, just press Start and enjoy listening to the Civics lesson.
- Make the orders of the Civics lesson sounds random.

-includes local government questions based on your state.
- Flash Cards in sequential or random order with audio sound for Questions and answers.
- View all 100 questions answers or by a specific group in view list.
- Select the number of questions on the practice tests.
- Select the score you needed to pass.
- Play sound for questions when doing a test.
- Statistics of your practice tests.

US Citizenship Test 2019 1.8.2 Güncelleme

- Updated & Corrected States Information - 2019: Governors, Senators, Representatives.

- Note: Uninstall The App first then install it.

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