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Truth or Dare

for Kids & Teens

5.75 for Android


Truth or Dare Açıklaması

Truth or Dare is a classic, casual, fun game which involves either answering a question or doing a dare - something fun, silly, or wild (tell a funny joke or riddle, or write something funny on facebook).

★ BEST Truth or Dare app

Don't just read funny jokes and riddles - make your parties and sleepovers special with this super FUN GAME!

★ Hundreds of good truth and dare questions
★ Customize the game with your own funny truth or dare questions
★ Take pictures and capture your truth or dare stories / moments
★ Turn on advanced text-to-speech feature to have Android speak the dares
★ Deeply customizable so you can play how you want to

So what are you waiting for? Install this classic game of Truth or Dare now! We guarantee this is the best Truth or Dare App in Google Play. Don’t just tell funny jokes and riddles - step it up and dare your friends!

There are so many ways you can play this classic party game
✔ Break the ice with new people
✔ Challenge your friends and family at the next slumber party, birthday party, or get together!
✔ Perfect for holidays like New Years Eve and New Years Day
✔ Why be bored - play Truth or Dare!

With amazing fun party games like Truth or Dare, you never know what is going to happen next. Your friends have to reveal their secrets, tell funny jokes or riddles, dance in front of everyone, or make prank calls. There are hundreds of truths and dare questions that will be generated for you, or if you are feeling creative, add your own!

Truth or Dare 5.75 Güncelleme

Bug fix.
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Uploaded by: Master Ayoub

En Son Sürüm: 5.75Güncelleme Truth or Dare İste

Available on: Truth or Dare Google Play'den İndirin

Gereksinimler: Android 4.1+

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