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Tree Note

Organize your thoughts like a Mind map

4.3 for Android


Tree Note Açıklaması

・ It is a notepad for thinking by itemizing and organizing memos.
・ It is a notepad that can organize ideas more simply than the TODO app.
・ You can check the number of words on the edit screen. It is useful for drafts of papers and novels.
・ You can make quizzes by writing questions in 'title' and answers in 'contents'.
・ Please use this app as if organize ideas on the mind map.

We will not collect your input characters.In order to make ad delivery and improve app, we may use usage information to the extent that individuals are not specified.The input data may be lost.Lost data can not be restored.Please save it to other app as appropriate.

Tree Note 4.3 Güncelleme

Fixed an issue where copy and paste would not work if there was a space at the end of the content line.

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