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ELD for Drivers

1.99.40 for Android

Switchboard Inc.

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Switchboard provides a free Electronic Logging Application & Automatic Onboard Recording Device available for drivers and their smartphones and tablets.

How can we give it out for free?
At Switchboard, we believe that owner-operators and small fleets have enough to think about. By charging our larger clients, we can help the smaller operations by
providing the Switchboard Mobile solution for free.

Our simple solution provides the following features free of charge:
- Create electronic logs
- Free faxing/emailing logs
- Prepare DVIRs (Digital Vehicle Inspection Records)
- Driving timers

Who is Switchboard?
Switchboard is a leading enterprise AOBRD/ELD technology provider for
trucking carriers that provides free AOBRD/ELD software for small fleets, and all-in-one hardware packages.

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