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This app helps you in the steel calculations. You can calculate the quantity of reinforcement required for different components (Slab, Beam, column, column footing, one-way slab, and plain slab) of the structure by just puttings the dimensions. You can also create a bar bending schedules for the construction work or may check your manually calculated values. This app also helps you to calculate the cutting lengths of different shapes of the ring and you can also able to calculate the weight of reinforcement steel.

The app is created to perform multiple functions such as,

1: Bar bending Schedules (BBS):

With the help of this app, you can able to calculate the reinforcement steel calculation of different components of the structure, such as
Slab (one-way, Plan), Beams, Column, Column Footing,

2: Cutting lengths:

The cutting lengths were easily calculated by just putting the dimensions of the column, beam, slab etc. By using this app you are able to calculate the cutting length of,
Diamond stirrup, Bent up bar, rectangular stirrup, Triangular stirrup, spiral bars, circular stirrups.

3: Unit conversions:
In the unit converter, you can able to convert the different units and other conversions such as Length conversions, Area conversions, volume Conversions, Power conversions, Pressure conversions, Mass conversions,

4: The weight of steel rods:

In this app, you can also able to calculate the weight of a steel rod. Two different types were used in the rod weight calculation
By Formula.
By Density.

This is an online app and runs only on the internet.

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