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Sleep Music and Relaxing Sounds

1.3 for Android

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Sleep Music and Relaxing Sounds Açıklaması

Let the music be your sleep aid!
Perfect hight-quality relaxing music and soothing sounds will help to forget your daily worries and fall into the deep sleep. Mix your own compositions of sleep music and relaxing sounds to sleep easily.

Set our sleeping sounds app and get:

* High-quality nature sounds to sleep to
* Sleep timer that automatically turns off the sleeping sounds
* «Favorites» for the most liked calming sounds
* Volume control of all relax melodies
* Rich collection of sleep music and sounds
* Flexible settings to get the best bedtime relaxation
* Create your own relaxing music sets

Get rid of the insomnia with various soothing sleep sounds:

♦ Nature sounds (forest and rain sounds)
♦ Night sounds
♦ Relaxing sounds for sleeping
♦ Soothing sounds and relaxation music
♦ Ambient sounds

And more undoubtable features of our sleeping sounds app:

SLEEP like never before
Relax music let you fall asleep easier and faster than any other method. This app is a real sleep aid for those who are suffering from insomnia and sleep disorder.

No needs to focus on nature sounds to sleep to, just listen to the sleeping music. Soft relaxing sounds quickly calm and relieve stress so you won’t notice how fall asleep.

RELAX with ease
Immerse into your inner world with sleep sounds and reach a new level of relax. Relaxing music for sleeping help to concentrate on your daily tasks and find solutions.

Ocean sounds fill up with calmness. Night sounds bring cosiness. Ambient sounds will wake up your feelings. And forest, rain sounds and other sleep music free cope with insomnia to sleep easily.

EXTEND your brain abilities
It’s proven that calming music influences on our brain. Soothing sleep sounds stimulate your mind, relieve stress and boost creativity. Also our relax melodies bring calm faster then other methods.

FALL ASLEEP in seconds
Nature has already everything to calm you. Therefore forest, rain sleep sounds and night sounds are perfectly combine with sleep music for deep sleep.

Be sure, relaxing bedtime sounds work effectively to quickly fall asleep. Also, we add a sleep timer that turns off the relaxation music free to save your device battery.

CREATE new relaxation music
Mix some sleeping sounds to create your own best track for the full relaxation. Tune the soothing sleep sounds volume.

And no matter what calming sounds you choose. All our night sleeping music is hight-quality and play without interference.

MEDITATE with relaxing sounds
It’s well known that relax music is perfect for self-concentration. Relaxing sounds for sleeping are also good thanks for their unobtrusiveness.

RENEW the atmosphere of your daily routine
Regain your health and vitality by listening to the soothing sounds to go to sleep. Enjoy constantly updated collection of forest sounds, rain sounds, night sounds, customization and gorgeous design!

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