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off-the-grid phone numbers

1.1.1034 for Android

Secoli LLC

The XAPK (Base APK + Split APKs) File

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NOTE: Senu is only available for US customers. Cannot be used for 911 emergency services.

Private, secondary phone numbers for online use. Keep your personal phone number safe, start your free 3-day trial today!

Filling out a form online, but don’t want to share your phone number? Now you don’t have to. Hackers and fraudsters can find your phone number online, transfer your account to another carrier, and be able to access your email and online accounts.

Senu provides you secure, private phone numbers you can use for your online accounts. Incoming text messages arrive to your phone in the form of secure push notifications. You keep your personal number safe.

Senu does not require your real email address or phone number to sign up. Install the app, start it and that's it: your phone is the key to your account.

Keep your phone number safe. Keep your accounts safe.

NOTE: Senu is only available for US customers. Cannot be used for 911 emergency services. After your free trial period is over, Senu requires a paid subscription to maintain the active status of your private phone numbers. Some online services actively block the use of virtual phone numbers generated by Senu and other virtual phone providers.

Senu 1.1.1034 Güncelleme

You can now reply to incoming text messages.

Any feedback or questions? Send us an email at!

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Uploaded by: Smith Veloso

En Son Sürüm: 1.1.1034Güncelleme Senu İste

Available on: Senu Google Play'den İndirin

Gereksinimler: Android 8.0+

Bildir: Uygunsuz olarak işaretle

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