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With this app you can train your musical notes sight reading skills in different keys and key signatures. This app listens to your piano while you play and recognizes the notes automatically using pitch detection technology. If a note is played correctly, it will turn green, otherwise red. It is a great for learning to play the piano even better.

There are two modes of practise. One mode contains all the key signatures there are in musical notation. Per key signature, an exercise is provided for the treble and bass clefs.

The second mode provides all major scales for all keys, for both the treble and bass clefs. For best practise, there is a hidden mode feature, in which the notes to play are hidden, so you need to play the scale by heart, the ultimate demonstration of your note recollection skills.

Progress is monitored by using a score. If you obtain a maximum score for an exercise, fireworks followed by a green indicator will be the result. So you can always clearly see which key signatures or scales still need practise.

The ultimate goal is to mark all the exercises green, to consider yourself a true sight reader pro!

It is also possible to practise using the provided virtual keyboard.

Other features include:
* Switch recording with the microphone on or off using the mic-button at the upper right of the screen. Only if the mic button is active (a microphone icon is shown), the app will listen to your instrument, otherwise not (indicated by the striked-out microphone icon). NB. when touching the virtual keyboard, the microphone is deactivated as well. To activate, click on the icon again.
* Click the clef image and the notes will autoplay and be pointed out on the virtual keyboard. Great for getting to know the notes to practise.
* Click on a note and the note will present itself on the virtual keyboard. Perfect for finding the exact location of the note.
* Use the hidden note mode, by clicking on the quarter note button right next to the microphone button, for even better practise. This is only available in the practise scales mode.
* Click on the natural, sharp or flat buttons, to the left of the staff, to change the key signature range.
* Click on the clef button, to the lower left of the staff, to change the clef of the staff.
* Long-click on a key-exercise button to reset the score back to 0.

Please turn the volume of your device low, such that it will not interfere with the note recognition in the app.

This app provides free piano lessons. In the free version, two scales and key signature ranges are available. To open all ranges, upgrading to the pro version is available for a one time fee of $2.99.

Piano Trainer 1.14 Güncelleme

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