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Peg Marble Solitaire

1.3.0 for Android

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Peg Marble Solitaire Açıklaması

Get the classical game Peg Marble Solitaire adaptation by GavApps. This is an old board game with some interesting features that add different difficulties.
Will require imagination, intelligence and patience to solve it.
The solitaire puzzle known also as Solo Noble is for one player and it involves moving the pegs around the table. The scope is to remain with only one peg on the board.
You can move a peg in four direction: up, down, left and right over an adjacent peg into an empty hole.

Peg Marble Solitaire or Patience have 4 season with 36 levels each.
The first season contains only classic levels. The standard English and french versions are also available.
The second season will introduce the directional pegs that will allow a peg to move in only some directions. There will be pegs that can move only in one direction (up, down, left or right) and pegs that can move in two directions (left-right and up-down).
The third season is about transformation. The red pegs are fixed and cannot be moved. You must go over with another peg to remove it from the board.
Other pegs can be move a limited number of times before it becomes fixed. Also there are slots on the board that transform any arriving piece into a red piece.
The last season is called colors because there are two types of color marbles: blue and green. All blue marbles can be removed only with other marbles with the same color and all green marbles the same. Rainbow marbles are the most powerful marbles on the puzzle. Can jump over any marble and that it includes also the red and the green marble.
There are other interesting features in this puzzle game like shield marble. You have to jump two times over it to manage to remove it. Don't worry with patience you can find a solution for each level.
All the levels in this Solo Noble are hand-made with different difficulties and interesting stuff.

This puzzle game is a very old game with different names in different regions. It is also known as: Solo Noble, Patience or Brainvita in India. It is a puzzle game used by noble families for over 400 years.
The Solo Noble game can be traced back to the court of Louis XIV in the year of 1687.
There are two classic board tables: the English version and the french version. In both Solo Noble versions the table is filled with pegs except for the central hole.

The Peg Solitaire is also available on TV devices.

Please send feedback for improvements and bug fixing to improve this board game.
This solitaire game is playable on all resolutions and we recommend it on any devices.

Have fun!

Peg Marble Solitaire 1.3.0 Güncelleme

Update for Android 10

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