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Om chanting: Healing, Meditation Music

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Om Chanting meditation music app provides you perform a morning Meditation offline mode for relaxation. This App is useful for both the beginners of Meditation and who are in advanced stage.

Om Chanting having Relax Meditation is the ideal assistant of sounds of relaxation to help you create an ambience and meditation regardless of the location or time! With the help of meditaion sounds to help the spiritual healing process and reach a peaceful state of mind to increase your meditation. Perfect to release tension from a hectic day and help restore inner peace.

Meditation App Help you in Om Chanting:
★ Chakra.
★ Meditation Brahma.
★ Lucid Dreaming.
★ Bubbles.
★ Macro.
★ Meditation Light.
★ Cosmic music.
★ Enhances energy and strength.
★ Dhyāna in buddhism.
★ Builds self-confidence.
★ Increase creativity.
★ Spiritual Enlightenment.
★ Chanting counter
★ relaxes our nervous system.
★ Chant to relax anxiety and sleep disorder
★ Develop will power.
★ helps learn forgiveness.
★ Deeper Level of spiritual relaxation.
★ Helps you discover your purpose.
★ Orange meditation
★ Develops emotional maturity with meditation of AUM(Oomm).

What brings the practice of meditation?

⦁ The pleasure of being thoughtless.
⦁ Deep relaxation and rest.
⦁ Really useful for meditation and in low volume while sleeping.
⦁ Memory, attention, ability to concentrate will improve.
⦁ Reduced anxiety.
⦁ Improve the quality of sleep.
⦁ Increase resistance to stress and also you feel it after using app andti stress app.
⦁ Self-awareness.
⦁ You’ll become calmer and more confident with these chanting sounds.

The convenience of the application is suitable for beginners starting to learn meditation and for experienced practitioners.

You can choose an object for concentration image or take the word written in large letters. So is the meditation of forgiveness, gratitude, awareness.

Beautiful, sensual music to calm, evoke thoughfulness, joy, sensuality, grounding & it is informative explaining each Chakra. Just what you needed to begin continuing my spiritual journey.

The energies directed to an astral body chakra also act on the physical body. To balance the flow of energy and marshal the different chakras there to open them and exercise them. The stones for your vibrational energy, help us, induce and achieve the desired effect.

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