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Mystic Mondays

2.4 for Android

Mystic Mondays

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Mystic Mondays is a tarot for the modern mystic. The tarot can be used as an intuition tool to help you clarify your day to day questions and guide you towards better decisions for yourselves. When you go inwards, often times you already know the answers to your questions. Trust your inner voice, and let it guide you!

Beta Features:
1. Card of the Day - Choose a card of the day that will reset at midnight. You can use this card as guidance throughout your day.
2. Tarot Library - Use the Tarot Library as reference when searching through the card's upright and reversed meanings.

Mystic Mondays 2.4 Güncelleme

- UI Updated.
- Updated text.
- Bug fixes.
- New Images.

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