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32.0 for Android
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My Diary Personal is a simple interactive diary app with lock.
This app is a digital diary app which is completely offline.
The diary is password protected that means no intruder can unlock your diary unless he knows the password.
Some of the benefits of writing diary are :
1.It helps in boosting self confidence.
2.It helps in making memory sharp.
3.It helps in relieving daily life stress.
4.It helps in setting goals and achieving it .
5. Keeping a diary is a great way to record your growth and personal development and this app will help you in achieving it.

My Diary Personal app has the following features :
1.Users can add password to the diary and could change it time to time.
2. Users can add events.
3. It provides easy way to set vision dashboard.
4. User can simply tag photos and videos along with the written notes.
5.Since the app is completely offline ,all your personal data stay inside your
mobile device.
In case you forgot the password, you can get the password by providing the key answers in the forgot password activity.

Write your personal experiences each day ,
Enjoy My Diary Personal.
For more information contact email:

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