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Most Likely

To: Drinking Game

1.3.2 for Android

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This drinking game will quickly and easily transform your drinking nights into a crazy party.
Most Likely To app won’t only get you drinking, but it will spark hilarious conversations that will last for hours. This drinking game has a bunch of topics and questions that you and your friends never thought of. That’s why Most Likely to will help you start any party with ease, you just turn it on and you start pointing at people. The set up of the game is really simple, it takes less than 2 minutes to start playing.

Most Likely To Drinking Game Features:
• Ability to create a custom drinking night of your choice
• Mix and match your game between 11 different categories – From Sexy and Dirty categories to purely Innocent
• Play with as many friends as possible, more people means more fun
• Feeling creative? Create your own custom cards!

How to use Most Likely To:
• Gather your friends, as many as you want (the drinking game is for 2 players minimum)
• Select one of the many categories
• Start the Most Likely To game and read the cards out loud
• Everyone uses their finger to point to the person they think is most likely to do something written on the cards
• The person with most fingers pointed at them drinks
• If you are feeling extreme play with drinking one sip for every finger pointed at something
• You can also play the game without drinking, and just go through the cards and have fun

Customize your drinking night with Most Likely To. If you are feeling like playing a dirty drinking game, then turn on all the Love and Sexy cards. If you are having a quiet night with your best buddies turn on the evil decks. Either way, you will have an awesome time.

Most Likely 1.3.2 Güncelleme

- Fixed a crash on some devices.

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Uploaded by: Duy Quyết

En Son Sürüm: 1.3.2Güncelleme Most Likely İste

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Gereksinimler: Android 4.1+

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