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Map of Krakow offline

1.4 for Android

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Map of Krakow offline Açıklaması

Map of Krakow offline works without connecting to the Internet. No need to pay for internet in roaming.

Benefits Map of Krakow offline:
- Ease of Use
- Highly detailed maps are adapted to work with mobile devices
- Smooth operation with map
- Support for screen and tablet devices with high resolution screens
- Determine your location using GPS
- Location sharing. Send a pin of any place on the map via e-mail or sms. Share your current location
- Free map updates & Free POI database updates
- Offline search
- Offline POI search
- Details of the current GPS location

Mapping data based on OpenStreetMap © ( under license Creative Commons Attribution / Share Alike License

Map of Krakow offline 1.4 Güncelleme

- updated map & POI database

Additional Information

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Uploaded by: 朱来顺

En Son Sürüm: 1.4Güncelleme Map of Krakow offline İste

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Gereksinimler: Android 4.1+

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