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Guided walking tours of Louvre without needing internet access or GPS! All offline and on your phone with audio guides! Forget the maps, we guide you completely by photos in an innovative concept.

Visit Louvre at your own pace without Internet connection and explore the best places of interest with our different walking itineraries, created by our passionate Tourblinkers, instagrammers, bloggers and local inhabitants, visiting:

We give you all the important travel information to get around Louvre, which streets to take during your walking tour, and ensure you have a wonderful time traveling in Louvre, the city of lights.

A unique application to walk and visit Louvre! Like a freetour but with your phone.

With our itineraries or offline tours and audio guides, you can enjoy the city of Louvre at your own pace and experience the best that the city has to offer.

Did you know that…. Louvre is one of the most visited cities in the world and has a very rich history! Our team at Tourblink is made up of professional tour guides and passionate locals who know what questions you may have and what you want to see during your trip to Louvre. All the information in the application is concise, useful, fun and easy to understand. And free! All points of interest contain information and free audio guide with the standard voice of your phone, and with the paid itineraries you can access to the voice of our tourblinkers.

- Mona Lisa
- Venus de Milo
- Winged Victory of Samothrace
- The Hammurabi Code
- Liberty Leading the People
- Sphinx of Tanis
- Napoleon's Coronation
- Wedding Feast at Cana
- Gallery of Apollo
- Cupid and Psyche

No data or connection, no problem! You can visit the city of Louvre and get all the practical information offline without roaming charges. Tourblink specializes in walking tours inspired by freetours available offline through images. Without maps, we guide you in the most intuitive way possible and you will not get lost.

We have created different tours or itineraries or routes of the city so you can explore Louvre at your own pace and according to your own schedule. At low cost, so that everyone can enjoy!

The Louvre in 2 hours
You are about to see the most important masterpieces in human history passing through several stages and styles. This guide starts from the main entrance, just below the pyramid. It is the perfect itinerary if this is your first visit to the museum. Enjoy and let us guide you through the history behind each of these artworks.

The best of Egypt
Selection of the main Egyptian works.
This itinerary starts from the main entrance, just below the pyramid.

Beyoncé in the museum
Are you a Beyoncé fan? Did you see her video clip and thought about knowing all the works where it was recorded? TourBlink knows this and for that reason we take you through those areas of the museum so you can relive it and have the best information about the paintings and sculptures.

French Sculptures: Source of inspiration of Versailles
The best of French Sculptures in the 'Cour Marly' of the Louvre. The most part of the sculptures had been ordered by Louis XIV in the end of his kingdom. Other works are ordered by Louis XV. A magical and quiet place of the Louvre where expressions of each Sculpture allow us to travel in the history their represent.

The Louvre in a half day
The best of painting, sculpture and Egypt. The ideal itinerary for a first time in the Louvre.
This itinerary starts from the main entrance, just below the pyramide.

Oriente in the Occident
The best of the Orient of the Louvre. From the Hammurabi code to full temples brought from the Orient. A unique collection.

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