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Kaspersky Smart Home & IoT Scanner for Android

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The internet of things is transforming every corner of our lives these days: at home, in the office, in the street, in cars and beyond. Almost everything connects to Wi-Fi. All connected (IoT) devices and products promise a lot – convenience, resources and money savings, control over your life environment, and peace of mind. You have an array of Wi-Fi enabled smart devices giving you greater control over door locks, lights and home appliances. From smart TVs to routers, devices connect you to the people and businesses that shape your daily life.

However, without proper security, it’s a Pandora’s box, so you need to make sure you guard your privacy and confidential data – so your private life stays private and nobody can access your connected world with you being unaware.

Kaspersky IoT Scanner helps keep your smart home safe. It informs you if new devices connect to your home network, and detects open ports, weak settings and passwords to help eliminate potential threats. Kaspersky IoT Scanner gives advice on how to improve protection and remove vulnerabilities inside your smart-home network.
The Kaspersky IoT Scanner app is in Beta at the moment, so we’d like to receive your feedback and ideas on how to develop it further considering your thoughts. Please leave a review or drop an email here

It helps protect your connected world from security breaches:
• Checks Wi-Fi router security level
• Searches for open ports on devices that could be hacked or infected
It defends your personal data and keeps you in control of suspicious activities:
• Informs you when new devices connect to your smart-home network
• Detects weak/default logins or passwords on devices
• Advises on how to improve protection of your connected devices and smart home

Currently supported devices:
• W-Fi router
• IP camera
• Smart TV
• Wi-Fi printer
• Mobile
• Workstation
• NAS (network attached storage)
• Media server
• Game console

More to come soon…

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• Bugfix and performance improvement

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