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0.36 for Android


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Hoigi is a two-player tabletop game played on a nine-by-nine board similar to Shogi and Chess. Unlike the other similar tabletop games, Chess and Shogi, Hoigi incorporates an exciting third dimension to the gameplay allowing the players to make more maneuvers and develop new strategies which require a completely new way of thinking.

Hoigi is easy to learn and hard to master with many features that are made to help you improve your skills, train your mind by completing our challenges or playing against our Stockfish based AI, develop new tactics and compete against other players. As in Chess and Shogi, the goal is to trap the king so it cannot escape, but this is preceded by strategic maneuvering of pieces which are meant to control space and strengthen the final attack.

★★★ Main Features ★★★
🔶 Practice, learn pieces's movements and develop strategies
🔶 Puzzles
🔶 An AI, similar to Stockfish, that can help you learn the game
🔶 Tutor which will show you a recommended move, perfect for avoiding simple mistakes
🔶 Chess Timers
🔶 Hints and Markers
🔶 Load/Save functions
🔶 Replay, perfect for analysing the moves, it also has the Flahsback feature
🔶 Flashback, available only for replays, allows you to play the game from which point you want
🔶 Different themes
🔶 Play against your friends online and locally offline

Train your mind and develop new ways of thinking by playing this brand new tabletop game!

Important Consumer Information:
This is an Ad Supported app and it may use internet connectivity, therefore subsequent data charges may apply. The existing advertising services might collect information and use an unique identifier on your device in order to serve you ads.

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👥 Community:

Hoigi 0.36 Güncelleme

-changed the size of the textbox that shows the last move(now it should fit properly)
-fixed some language issues
-some challenges have been removed due to gameplay changes

Gameplay Changes:
-now the King can't tier anymore (it can still capture tier 1 pieces)
-now the Spy can move also diagonally backwards at tier 1 and it can also move 2 squares instead of 1 at tier 2

Additional Information

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