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GFX Tool Pro simgesi

GFX Tool Pro

for PU Battlegounds - 60FPS

7.0.0 for Android

Oxygen Labs, Inc.

GFX Tool Pro Açıklaması

Get more Chicken Dinners by the #1 Advanced Graphics Tool Optimizer.

Ranging from midrange to flagship phones You can use this tool to optimize and improve graphics for better gaming experience.

This GFX tool can also run in low range devices using the low graphics settings completely lag free :)


➤ Game Version
➤ Resolution
➤ Graphics Quality


➤ Frame Rate
➤ (MSA) Anti aliasing
➤ Color Style
➤ Shadows Quality
➤ Graphics API
➤ And more ...

☛ Tips 

➤ Make sure you close the game!
➤ You can always Reset Screen in Graphics Settings.

∎ Help!

- you have any problem with the app ?
  Reset screen in game graphics settings and close game.
- the game stucked on logo
  Reboot phone.
- the 60fps not working in 0.8 version
  Click Repair Button in Login Scree

GFX Tool Pro 7.0.0 Güncelleme

- Improvements
- Support 0.13.0 Global(en)
- Support for 0.13.0 (KR)
- Support for 0.13.0 (VN)
- Support for 1.1.17 CN

Additional Information

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En Son Sürüm: 7.0.0Güncelleme GFX Tool Pro İste

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Gereksinimler: Android 4.3+

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